Accomodation Sottomarina to discover the “little Venice”

Find an Accomodation in Sottomarina di Chioggia to discover the “little Venice”

Be it a short or a long stay, staying in Sottomarina Chioggia is the perfect place to admire the beauty of the city and experience the stunning beach and sea of Sottomarina; definitely, a holiday to remember.

For those who have never visited this place, it is important to know that choosing the right period is key because staying in Chioggia can be complicated at certain times of the season. Hotels, as well as B&Bs in Chioggia Sottomarina and its surroundings, are often fully booked.

Chioggia is at the southern end of the Venice Islands and the Venetian lagoon, right next to Sottomarina with its long beach, Sottomarina Beach, and clear, shallow sea. In summer it is difficult to find a place to stay if not booked in advance. The city is very popular among north Italian and international tourists.

When to go on holiday to Chiogga?

Without doubt, the best months to visit Chioggia are April until October, whereas it is inevitable for the months of July and August to book your stay in advance. Actually, staying in Chioggia in these months is generally quite complicated as there is not enough accommodation to satisfy demand.

Even though we have seen the offer of B&Bs in Chioggia rise over the past years, there are still not enough places to host all tourists in peak season. Therefore, for those who are looking for a more relaxed and less crowded holiday, the best months are probably May and June; here you’ll experience a special atmosphere, with already warm weather and a particularly clear sea.

What to do in Chioggia and surrounding areas?

Let’s say, once you’ve booked your stay you can start to take a look at the many things to see in and around the “little Venice”. The city still conserves a special atmosphere and will for sure make you experience to the fullest a sense of authenticity and its historical past.

Furthermore, for those who are passionate about diving, only a few kilometers from Sottomarina there are plenty of things to discover underwater, ranging from breathtaking flora and fauna to shipwrecks. Local diving centers provide guided tours to these points of interest, while at the same time regulating and guaranteeing a sustainable tourism.

All the above are reasons for the difficulties in finding a place to stay in Chioggia ve. It is absolutely necessary to verify availability and book your stay in advance, due to hotels often having regular guests who book their stay year by year at the end of each holiday. While the demand for B&Bs is not as high as for hotels, it is still important to wisely choose when to go on vacation or at least contact potential hosts in advance.

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