Beloved Chioggia

Beloved Chioggia

On the Southern lagoon, a few kilometres from Venice, there is the charming town of Chioggia.

This ancient town, also known as the “little Venice” or the “other Venice”, provides a vibrant and colourful atmosphere thanks to its enchanting views, historical monuments and old artisan shops.

On one side a multifaceted city, rich in history, art and traditions, on the other side a stunning shore, Sottomarina beach, situated between Brenta and Adige rivers. This large beach is one the most beautiful equipped beaches on the Adriatic and with its particular sand and its pure air rich in iodine it is simply unique.

We are located in the middle of the waterfront in Sottomarina, the perfect position for sea lovers during the summer and for who looks for relax together with taste and tradition of fishing villages, especially during the spring.

Chioggia is a multi-coloured city, which enchants the visitors with its beautiful sunsets on the lagoon, the colourful sails of its bragozzi (typical Chioggia boats) and the “Tegnue”, the Adriatic coral reefs where you can admire a wide variety of fish, coral and other marine life.

This strip of land, full of canals and bridges, offers a unique scenario to the couples and families who choose Chioggia for their holidays.

Visit the ancient “Torre dell’orologio”, the magnificent “Ponte di Vigo”, the fish market in the old town and, at the same time, enjoy the services and amenities of a more modern Sottomarina to spend in the best way your holidays.

And, obviously, you can’t miss the excursion to lagoon on a “Bragozzo” that can bring people to the little Pellestrina island or directly to Venice, the heart of Serenissima (Venetian Republic) .

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