Sottomarina di Chioggia – to be discovered!

Sottomarina di Chioggia - Da scoprire!

The Seabed of Tegnue and its outstanding beauties of Sottomarina

Generally, those who are no big fans of diving or the sea hardly are aware of some of the hidden treasures of the Adriatic sea. Even though the latter is usually known for its sandy sea beds and therefore less interesting from an explorative point of view, a few kilometres from Sottomarina there are stunning rock formations where flora and fauna flourish, offering a unique scenery.

These underwater rock formations are a natural refuge for many types of fish, who seek protection and food in this area, a really special area where many divers from all over Europe come to admire the beauty of these sea beds and animal life.

Today the area is located within a biological protection zone, where access for divers is generally coordinated by diving centers of Sottomarina. This allows to control and regulate the access and protect this little corner of paradise in the upper Adriatic sea. The Tegnue is an area where the fauna is rich and diverse and has apparently been discovered centuries ago by fishermen as their nets got caught in the rocks.

Fish, flora and wrecks to be discovered in Sottomarina

There are 12 points of diving access to the protected area of the Tegnue; some simply to admire the beauty of the rock formations with its variety of flora, others to spot the many fish which only in these waters can be discovered surprisingly easily.

Furthermore, for divers there are also important wrecks of notable historical interest to be discovered. One of these is the Envdokia, a cargo ship that sailed under the flag of the Antilles and sunk following a collision with the Onduregno Philippos due to bad visibility. It is 100 metres long and lies on the seabed in front of Sottomarina since 1991.

Another wreck to be discovered is the destroyer Quintino Sella that sank in 1943, following an attack by the Germans. Today it is split into two parts, but still conserves its appeal of ancient times and its fascinating history. There is also the wreck of a freighter called Vulmak, also to be discovered in the area of the Tegnue.

All of the above are totally accessible dives. Some of the rocky formations are in about 18 metres depth, while the deepest reaching up to 25-30 metres. Any qualified diver can therefore easily get to these points of interest.

Sottomarina between beach and marine beauty

The beaches right at the Adriatic sea next to Chioggia and on the southern end of the Venetian lagoon is an extraordinary place thanks to its natural beauties. It is located 50 km from Venice, a place where even a short stay gives you the chance to live a complete holiday between the historical cities Chioggia and Venice, the welcoming beach and the beautiful coastline.

The area around Sottomarina is unique and different to other beaches near Venice; on the one hand you have the beauty of the Venetian Lagoon and on the other hand there is a 3 km long shallow sand Sottomarina beach, which is also perfect for families with small children.

A complete holiday

Sottomarina, the sea town in the region of Veneto, offers a variety of attractions for visitors. Ranging from beautiful landscapes like the sea and the Venetian lagoon, to the “little Venice”, namely Chioggia, considered as such due to its architectural similarities.

Furthermore, to complete your stay with a further touch, the culinary aspect of the region deserves special attention. The Venetian Restaurants with their typical Venetian cuisine, with fresh ingredients from the Chioggia Fish Market, goes hand in hand with world famous local wines and will contribute to making your stay in Sottomarina with the Restaurant Chioggia Ambasciatori a unique one.


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